Patient Testimonials

“Please convey to Dr. Schultheiss and the staff on how they made my first visit so comfortable and pleasant! I’ve never met a doctor that made me feel so ease from the very beginning! For the first time in years, I think I’m in a healing process – and, if not, I know that I’m in good care.”

– Mrs. Robinson


“Everything was great happy with everything my foot is great treatment was wonderful.”


“Had terrible pain in foot from plantar fasciitis after treatment feeling great again! Thank you Dr, Reich and staff.”


“Amazing customer care. i came in with expectations of just a consultation and instead the facility was able to do the procedure right away. everyone was extremely professional. I highly recommend this place!!”


“Dr. is prompt, compassionate and thorough with explanation of condition and treatment options. I would recommend him to others.”


“Was seen same day as injury and treated immediately. Dr Reich was thorough and explained condition and treatment options. I would recommend him to others.”


“No Problems, professional, wonderful no problems.”


“Entire staff was kind, and compassionate. I was seen as an emergency in a timely manner. Everyone was knowledgeable.”


“Dr. Scott Reich is one in a million! I have going to podiatrists since I was in my twenties and have had multiple surgeries with taking almost a year before I could get back in my regular size shoes! Dr. Reich operated on two hammertoes on bilateral feet, where he released the tendons on both toes and only one stitch was needed per toe! One week later, he removed both stitches and I am healed enough to start back to my water aerobics, and no more recurring infections! Amazing results in 2wks!”


“This letter is to thank Dr. Scott Reich for removing the deep set callous, or neoplasm, from my right foot. I had been suffering from the pain of this growth for over 3 years.”

“I had been to 2 other podiatrists, who merely scraped the top layer of the problem area, only to have it re-emerge a few weeks later. The intense pain of this callous was affecting my work, which is in retail. I am on my feet for 5-6 hours at a time. Only Dr. Reich offered to excise the callous, which completely eliminated the pain I had been dealing with Thank you Dr. Reich.”

– Robert Gambrill


Hi Vickie and Howard,

“Thanks so much for squeezing me into Howard’s schedule. Your office was very warm and cozy, not at all like most Dr.’s offices. The staff was friendly and helpful. My foot feels much better! Take care and thank you again!”

– Vic


“GREAT STAFF! No pain from surgery! Never took a pain pill. I gave kudos for you to Angie’s List. I will always highly recommend HLES!”


“Even though I was anxious pre-op, the staff and Dr. Reich did a nice job of making me feel safe and comfortable during the procedure. The OR nurses were very professional and competent.”