Advanced Wound Care

Harford Lower Extremity Specialists provides some of the most technologically-advanced approaches to healing chronic foot and leg wounds. The physicians at Harford Lower Extremity Specialists have been able to adapt the practice and bring you state-of-the-art equipment without the bureaucracy sometimes seen in large institutions. “A responsive group practice gives us complete control of the day-to-day operations”, explains Dr. Schultheiss. “New technologies in the healing of chronic wounds are being introduced regularly. We constantly read journals and search for the latest advances in wound care technology. This deepens mour knowledge and understanding of the physiologic processes which govern the parameters of a non-healing wound. When we find promising therapies that can benefit my patients, we can implement this technology almost immediately. The key is to study and understand the science and art of wound care and make health delivery decisions based on data, results, and the needs of the patient and their support group.

Diligent foot care is essential in those who have diabetes. Blood flow and nerves can be affected, making injuries more difficult to notice and slower to heal. Infection is a real possibility, even with mild injuries.

Any of these symptoms may be a sign of trouble, and should be checked with a visit to our office:

  • Slow healing sore on your foot
  • Tingling or burning, numbness or lack of feeling in your foot
  • Blisters, corns or calluses
  • Cold feet
  • Ingrown or thick toenails

Harford Lower Extremity Specialists can help you maintain healthy feet by addressing these problems. Your medical history will be evaluated, your feet examined, and tests such as x-rays may be done. The physicians at Harford Lower Extremity Specialist provides verbal and written educational materials concerning diabetes and your feet. They believe that patient education, and understanding of your disease process, is the foundation of a complete treatment plan.

Treatment can include wound care and healing, antibiotics, special footwear to alleviate pressure, and surgery. Patient education is a very important tool to prevent future problems and we strive to help patients help themselves by showing them how to care for their feet every day. If you are unable to provide some aspects of your foot care regimen yourself, we are here to do that for you. In the event that surgery is necessary, our in-house, Medicare-approved and State licensed surgical center is open for you.