6 Ways to Protect Your Feet on Summer Vacation

Hopefully you’ve got a summer vacation coming up and we at Harford Lower Extremity Specialists want to be sure you enjoy it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 6 tips to protect your family’s feet because it’s hard to have a good time if your feet are hurting.

  1. Plan to wear comfortable shoes on travel days.Whether you’re going by plane, train or automobile you want to be sure you are wearing shoes that are comfortable and fit perfectly. Long lines, running to make connections and getting in and out of the car at rest stops can all be taxing to your feet. Save the strappy sandals for your vacation destination and spare your feet and ankles potential pain and injury.
  2. Stretch at regular intervals.If your travel time is over two hours be sure to get up, stretch, flex your feet and walk around a bit. This will prevent stiffness and lessen your chances of getting a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis in your leg.
  3. Pack a travel kit for your feet.Include moleskin to cover sore spots and prevent blisters, sunscreen (yes, your feet need it too), foot powder if you tend to sweat excessively and antibiotic ointment and bandages in case of a cut or scrape.
  4. Don’t forget the water bottle.Staying hydrated when it’s hot and you’re exerting yourself is extra important. It will help prevent swelling of your feet and ankles. Also, if you are dehydrated you are more likely to get cramps in your calves and legs.
  5. Wear flip flops at the pool only.Keeping feet covered in damp, public places is important because bacterial and fungal infections are spread by direct contact. But that’s the only place that flip flops should be used. They provide no support and so you may find your feet aching at the end of the day if you wear them for many hours. Flip flops are also a tripping hazard and may result in injury to your toes or feet as well as ankle sprains.
  6. Don’t bring new shoes on vacation.Chances are you’ll be doing an above average amount of time walking on vacation and it’s not the time to find out that the new pair of shoes you bought really isn’t that comfortable. Also, be sure to check the fit of your children’s shoes before you leave—little feet grow quickly!

If you do injure your foot while you’re away or come back with an itchy rash or other unusual foot symptoms, contact our Bel Air office  for an appointment so our podiatrists, Dr. Howard L. Schultheiss, Jr. can take a look and prescribe any necessary treatment.

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