About Us

The mission and vision of Harford Lower Extremity Specialists is to be the podiatric medical facility of choice in the communities served and to provide the best alternative for medical and surgical podiatric care. Customer service is our highest priority. We are responsive, innovative, and effective in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our patients. Our team is knowledgeable, flexible, and accountable for our performance. We value those we serve and treat our patients with respect, empathy, courtesy, and compassion.

Looking for a Local Podiatrist?

Harford Lower Extremity Specialists is a podiatric care group committed to helping patients obtain immediate pain relief and ongoing care for the bones, tendons, muscles, and skin of their lower legs, ankles, feet, and toes. Our skilled staff is experienced in caring for the podiatric issues of children, teens, athletes, adults, and seniors. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, diabetes, injury, sores, or need help with ingrown or tough toenails, our staff understands how to treat the wide range of podiatric issues people face. If you’re looking for a Harford County foot doctor or a podiatrist in Bel Air, Maryland, we are the medical facility of choice in the communities we serve. And soon, we’ll have an office in Elkton, Maryland, as well. Not only can we handle common injuries and issues, but Harford Lower Extremity Specialists also uses the most technologically-advanced approaches to healing chronic foot and leg wounds.

Our Harford County Foot Doctors Treat a Wide Range of Conditions

We are Harford County foot doctors who are dedicated not only to providing an accurate diagnosis but also to making sure our patients understand their medical condition and all its implications. We make sure every member of our team of podiatrists are trained to gather a well-rounded patient history along with all the medical information needed to ensure a precise and comprehensive assessment of our patients’ conditions. That’s why our skilled Maryland podiatrists can treat a wide range of ailments and issues, including Achilles tendon, ankle instability, ankle sprains, arthritic foot, and ankle care, athletes foot, bursitis, bunions, calluses, corns, diabetic-related conditions, and diabetic foot infections, flat feet, fungus toenails, geriatric foot care, hammertoes, heel spurs, infections, ingrown toenails, injuries, metatarsalgia, neuromas, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, poor circulation, warts, and wounds.

We Diagnose and Explain Your Condition

When you work with one of our foot doctors, you’ll get an accurate diagnosis and a thorough discussion of all possible treatment solutions. Our podiatrists are committed to listening to the patients and educating them on the benefits and limitations of various treatment plans. We take time to listen and to explain.

Whether our podiatrists are working with orthotic care, diabetic foot care issues, age-related foot care, sports medicine, plantar fasciitis, sores, wounds, or injuries, we not only treat the problem but also strive to ensure patients are able to help themselves by showing them how to care for their feet every day. Identifying medical concern is just the first step. Harford Lower Extremity Specialists are also committed to helping our patients understand what causes the injury or ailment, how to treat it, and what they can do to prevent it in the future.

Our Local Podiatrists Treat a Wide Range of Conditions

Our foot doctors are trained and certified to treat a range of patient issues that can include sores on the foot, tingling or burning issues, numbness or lack of feeling in the foot, blisters, corns or calluses, cold feet, ingrown or thick toenails, heel and foot pain, ankle pain, and injuries.

No matter which podiatric issues our patients face, our professional medical team is dedicated to finding the best way to provide foot, and ankle, care, and healing that may include antibiotics, special footwear or gear to alleviate pressure, or even surgery.  Our podiatric physicians perform cutting edge orthopedic foot and ankle surgery.